Öland Gråflammig S, Limestone

Location: Stenninge Öland Sweden


Stone is a natural material with variations in color and texture. Consider why this picture only as a guide in the choice of color.


(!) Consult us during the planning stage for the right type of stone, processing choices and thickness.


Technical features Unit
Compressive strength Mpa 167
Flexural strength Mpa 16,5
Flexural strength Stand.avv Mpa 3,0
Flexural strength lowest Mpa 11,1
Abrasion Resistance cm3/50cm2 20,2
Abrasion Resistance mm3 20 577
Water absorption vikt% 0,6
Density kg/m3 2660
Wear resistance N 2450
Slip resistance SRV dry 51
Slip resistance SRV wet 19
Frost Flexural difference % -37


Tested by SP, Swedens Testing- and Research institute.