Sjöström Stenförädling

The family has engaged in Sjostrom stone limestone handling of Oland since 1959. There is a long tradition in the company of breaking and refine the Oland limestone, which is reflected in the breadth that our company has various products. Red and gray Oland limestone is used to include walls, facades, pillars, walkways, stairs, patios, floors. The surfaces that appear will vary from the natural rough surface to cut, sliced, sawn, sanded or polished according to application.


In addition, we have developed special finishing, antique and rustic exclusive processes used for floors in renovation and expansion of such old churches and castles in Northern Germany. Where you put natural stone for hundreds of years ago and now want something similar to the old processing. This “ancient and” rustic processed “area in recent years has gradually gained in popularity in Sweden. Since 2003 we have also produced products in Jamtland limestone in order to broaden our range of natural stone.

The Öland red and gray limestone has been mined for more than 1500 years and has been used as a building material and in processed form as lime mortar. Stone walls, ancient castles, churches, Borgholm Castle and other structures on Öland testifies to the local use of the limestone.
Exports of Öland limestone is known since the Middle Ages. When shipped large quantities of limestone to the countries around the Baltic Sea to be used for churches and other monumental buildings, as well as decorations as baptismal fonts and portals.